Recommendations for applicants

Recommendations of IT recruters

It takes only six seconds a recruiter to decide whether your resume stands out from the hundreds of qualified resumes coming in each day. Top recruiters agree that with such a short window to make a first impression, it’s important to make your resume win.

Start with these three basic improvements.

1) Keep it clean and simple

When choosing a resume format, pay close attention, adwices recruiteres. With the goal of enhancing your experience, they suggests finding a nice format that’s easily digestible and offers a real balance of design, layout, size and font style. has simple resume templates to get you started.

IT recruters recommending that applicants bold and italicize key words and phrases.

Simplicity is key. Wide margins, white space, and bullet points can allow content to pop.

2) Use constcuctions "Accomplished [Х] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]"

You will be up against worthy competition, so listing your past job descriptions won’t be enough. They says your resume must quickly show what it took for you to do an awesome job.

Recruters reminds applicants to tailor their resumes to the role they are interested in as they consider the impact they’ve made in previous roles.

How do you show impact? Let’s say your current position is “Software Developer” Under experience, you list “develop programs.” What if your competition said the same thing? However, how did you develop in an impactful way? Now’s the time to differentiate. Consider explaining why your role matters, such as, “Increased server query response time by 20% by restructuring API"

3) Offer recruiters a snapshot of you

IT recruters suggests that applicants avoid “over publicizing” their skills by listing everything. Instead, tailor your skills to the role you’re seeking and focus on the most relevant skills. This approach also allows you to move along quickly to other information, like your experience.

The may help you write your resume in a way that stands out to recruiters who are hiring for the open jobs you want.

With hundreds of resumes to review, recruiters focus on finding the right fit for both the company and the applicant. Think of them as your professional matchmaker. When it comes to your resume, the goal is to share what makes you win.