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Artificial Intelligence Engineers (AI Engineers) are people involved in problem-solving or Artificial Intelligence technology. 

They create, test, and implement AI models, along with the handling of the AI infrastructure. They cruise through traditional software models and Machine Learning models.

Artificial intelligence is the goal of a machine learning engineer. An example of a system a machine learning engineer would work on is a self-driving car.

Job Skills: Computer programming skills, strong mathematical skills, knowledge of cloud applications and computer languages, excellent communication skills


AI Engineer Resume Sample:

AI Engineer Resume Sample

Average salary for a AI  Engineer is $114 000 in United States (80k-150k): 

- AI  Engineer Junior (1-3 years experience) $107 000 (75k-140k) 

- AI  Engineer Middle (4-6 years experience) $118 000 (80k-155k)   

- AI Engineer Senior (7-9 years experience) $120 000 (80k-155k)  

- AI Engineer Lead (more 10 years experience) $126 000 (90k-165k)  


AI  Engineer should have:

- Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Computer Engineering or related area;

- AI  Development experience;

- Proficiency in Data Visualization, Predictive Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Data Analytics etc. 


AI Engineer should use for resume constcuctions  "Accomplished [Х] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]"

For example “Built a predictive model to analyze customer food preferences leading to 30% reduction in food wastage."

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