CEO manages a team of IT professionals. They ensure that a company’s technology solution meets the needs of the business and resolves technical issues. 


Some of their specific responsibilities include:

> Directing employees, managing schedules and organizing budgets.

> Developing reliable metrics  while ensuring strategic capacity planning.

> Identifying and recommending new technology solutions and directing and supporting the implementation.


CEO Resume Sample:

CEO Resume Sample

Average salary for a Chief Executive Officer is $194 000 in United States (70k-305k).


Chief Executive Officer should have:

- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, International Business or related area;

- Business Administration experience;

- Proficiency in Business Strategy & Planning, Business Finance, Management Operations, Business Law & Business Ethics etc. 


Chief Executive Officer should use for resume constcuctions  "Accomplished [Х] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]"

For example “Increased net profits by 20% by growing client database."


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