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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Engineers are people involved in Machine Learning technology. 

They cruise through traditional software models and Machine Learning models. An example of a system a machine learning engineer would work on is a self-driving car.


Job Skills: Computer programming skills, strong mathematical skills, knowledge of cloud applications and computer languages, excellent communication skills


Machine Learning Engineer Resume Sample:

Machine Learning Engineer Resume Sample

Average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is $114 000 in United States (80k-150k): 

- Machine Learning Engineer Junior (1-3 years experience) $107 000 (75k-140k) 

- Machine Learning Engineer Middle (4-6 years experience) $118 000 (80k-155k)   

- Machine Learning Engineer Senior (7-9 years experience) $120 000 (80k-155k)  

- Machine Learning Engineer Lead (more 10 years experience) $126 000 (90k-165k)  


 Machine Learning Engineer should have:

- Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Computer Engineering or related area;

- Machine Learning Development experience;

- Proficiency in Data Visualization, Predictive Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Data Analytics etc. 


Machine Learning Engineer should use for resume constcuctions  ""Accomplished [Х] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]""

For example “Built a predictive model to analyze customer food preferences leading to 30% reduction in food wastage."



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